Our heartfelt congratulations to the most recent ticket winner for the Japan Open Poker Tour ( JOPT ) — Yandy-san! Yandy-san booked his seat with a final heads-up win over Nishida-san, hitting a J on the river with AJo to crack AQo, thus prevailing over a field of 5 players on this day.

We are proud of Yandy-san’s accomplishment and wish him the best of luck at the main event.



About the Japan Open Poker Tour ( JOPT )


The Japan Open Poker Tour, or JOPT, is one of the most prestigious professional poker tournaments in Japan. Held several times per year since 2011, the tournament attracts thousands of players from all over Japan.

It tests players’ skills, strategy and luck in an intense competition environment. The tournament has been running for more than a decade now, and it has seen some of the best poker players in the world take home its coveted title. Winning this tournament not only brings fame and recognition to the player, but also provides them with an opportunity to compete at the next level of poker.

The Japan Open Poker Tour runs from May 1 ~ May 7, 2023.

You can quality for a seat at the Japan Open Poker Tour at Lucky Dice Amusement Casino & Poker Bar 上野 here. Tournaments run every Wednesday from 18:00. Late registrations are open until 21:30.